MPI Libraries

At ACTnowHPC, we pre-compile and make available all of the most popular MPI libraries, built with a selection of different compilers.  These libraries are all available through the modules system.  See Using Modules.

Module Details More info
mpich Argonne MPICH library Only uses Ethernet, not recommend for use unless you 100% don't want to use InfiniBand.
mvapich2-XXXX OSU's MPICH for InfiniBand Supports InfiniBand and quite popular
openmpi-XXX OpenMPI Supports InfiniBand and quite popular

There will be multiple versions of each library installed. If you know you need a particular version, use that one. If you don't have a preference, we always suggest the latest one available.

Building MPI software

To build the software, load the module you'd like to use, and invoke the mpicc, mpif77, or mpif90 compiler.


$ module load mvapich2-XXXX/gcc
$ mpicc -o testmpi testmpi.c

Running jobs with MPI

Make sure you put the module load command in your job submission script

#SBATCH --job-name=MyMPIJob
module load mvapich2-XXXXX/gcc
mpirun testmpi